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"This is beautiful, subtle and sophisticated folk music. Ethereal yet rooted. I can’t wait to hear more from Georgie Buchanan.” – Miranda Sykes (Show of Hands)

Click here to order Georgie's debut album 'Wise as a Fool'

"In 2019 I found myself on a beach in the Outer Hebrides learning the traditional tune The Eagle’s Whistle from a travelling tin whistler.  Amidst the lapping of the waves, the calling of the sea birds and the snap of salt air I was transported to another realm where music dances with the landscape, soaring story through the ages.  Before I knew it I was singing, interweaving my own words with this haunting melody and untethering the eagle in my imagination.  This experience was the starting point for my upcoming album, Wise as a Fool – a unique tapestry of traditional songs, tunes, original compositions and improvisations." 



Inspired by voyages to the Outer Hebrides, tales of ancient Celtic Goddesses and great folk singers from Peggy Seegar to Joni Mitchell, Georgie Buchanan is a unique singer and harpist on the contemporary folk scene.


Hailing from the North Shore Mountains of Canada and the Chiltern Hills, Georgie has always felt most at home creating music in the rich landscapes of the natural world.  Since immersing herself in the folk world she’s performed with Show of Hands on the main stage of Sidmouth Folk Festival, been selected for Sound and Music’s highly competitive New Voices Programme and had one of her original songs ‘Love is a Rocking Wave’ played on The Nest Collective’s ‘Singing with Nightingales, Homecoming Broadcast’ hosted by Sam Lee.  Georgie has most recently been selected to take part in the English Folk Expo’s Artist Mentoring Programme and she will perform at FOCUS Wales in 2022.



Her upcoming album ‘Wise as a Fool’ will be a unique collaboration between Georgie and incredible Leeds based artists Emma Coleman (Me and My Friends), Rob Mackay (Drymbago), Evan Davies (The Often Herd), Joel Stedman and Joe Love (Ancient Infinity Orchestra).  Working with this talented band, Georgie crafts haunting musical landscapes of acapella harmonies and shimmering instrumentals.  Interweaving traditional melodies with original compositions, songs and stories, Georgie’s music speaks of a heartfelt connection with the natural world and charts a personal story of recovery that is relatable at its core.

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